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We help educate individuals in our local communities.

Do you want to get a quality education in USA and Canada? Contact us at Multi-Professional Consultants LLC (MPC) for advice and guidance on an informed decision. Our consultants do not only have experience with American and Canadian colleges and universities but have lived and gained a lot of experience in both developing and developed nations. Just let us know your educational needs and goals. Multi-Professional Consultants LLC (MPC) will see to it that you are admitted to accredited and qualitative colleges and universities in Canada and USA. Our Consultants will guide you all the way till you are successfully admitted.

Specific services include the following :

  • Education counseling and guidance
  • University and college placements in both USA and Canada
  • Financial aid application and processing
  • Strategic Scholarship hunting
  • Seminars and workshops

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our community service programs.